Notification Interceptor

by Jast Redd

Version 4 (March 31, 2017)

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Have you ever wanted to have all your notification saved in one place and not removed by other application? I bet you did.
So, this flow is for you!

🌋A ReddiumOre Lab project

* Instant intercept. Your eye won't even catch a notification icon that appeared in status bar.
* List of all notifications intercepted by flow.

Added feature to use custom sound.

WARNING! Text below contains LOTS OF LETTERS, so if you care about your brain and don't want it to selfdestruct, don't scroll further

Some warnings
I don't know how it's going to handle "Incoming call" notification (It was added maybe since Android 4.1), because it's maybe persistent, or like regular notification.
Also, it can wrongly handle ongoing download notification, on my tablet installed other browser by default, and it uses persistent notification for ongoing download, but I don't know what will happen with other browser (same with Play Market, I know about its non-persistent download notification, so next update I will add Google Play to "interceptor's whitelist")

But! It cannot grant an ability to restore notifications, by some restrictions.

For example, it's impossible to create notification with original "poster app" icon, or with action buttons present on original notification (yes, I can get action buttons array, but I can't get an actions these buttons do).

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