­čÜśUltimate Driving Mode

by Ryan Lundell

Version 13 (May 15, 2017)

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BIG NEWS! I have improved compatibility to work easily with a broader range of devices. I have also streamlined the startup to require less user input.

This is a must try app. Please rate if you like it. Leave a comment if you have any ideas or find any bugs or if you just want to say how awesome the app is. (If you find a bug, please include the version you downloaded).


Auto enable/disable Bluetooth and selected app (Recommended: Pandora)

Reads incoming text messages and caller names

Allows voice responses to text messages

Automatically reconnects to previous device when applicable (useful for smartwatch and fitness devices) * Fixed in version 13

Enables when connected to specific Bluetooth device or when headset is plugged in. Bluetooth will turn on automatically when plugged in to a power source.

Note: Due to Bluetooth restrictions, it may take up to 60 seconds for the flow to force a connection if your device does not connect automatically when Bluetooth is turned on. If your device does not connect immediately and you do not wish to wait, then you can connect manually from your Bluetooth settings.

Upcoming features:

Allow for launch of multiple apps
Fix delay in Bluetooth connect

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