Localization Examples

by Jast Redd

Version 1 (April 9, 2017)

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Want make a multi language flow?
Well, feel free to use and learn this flow!

Here's some explainings:
Very simple - a choice menu with single selection and with "Language" variants returns an array with only 1, eh, "Array cell" filled - it is [0] which contains 0 - if EN-US picked, and 1 - if picked RU-RU (of course you can add your own lang support).

But here's something you have to pay attention to - use same position in "localization" in formula, as your language position in choice menu array - so it PROPERLY must look like this:
Choice dialog output var langPicked[0](it's index of locale array), and locale array (after variants placed indexes for your comfort) - ["Yes 0", "Да 1","Ja 2"][langPicked[0]] - it's a pointer for index.

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