Xena ver 1.0(Beta)

by Nobin Jacob

Version 2 (April 25, 2017)

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A simple voice assistant,which does simple jobs like opening up apps...

As of now,It supports apps like facebook, WhatsApp,gallery,camera,file explorer,music player and web browser only .
More app support will be added soon.

How to use ---

To start any app just say

"open appname" or just the "appname"

For example,
Say:- "open facebook" / "facebook" / "fb".
It will open facebook for you if its already installed on your device.

To exit the voice assistant just say "exit","quit" or "Bye"
And you can see the match blocks in the flowchart for more commands.
So,that's all....hope you like it....and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE , COMMENT AND SUPPORT for more updates...
Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

What's new--
*Minor improvements in xena's speech.

Note:By default,the speech recognition language is set to English (India),if you are facing any problem with speech recognition,try changing the language to your native language.