☁📨 CloudMessenger [JR]

by Jast Redd

Version 9 (April 30, 2017)

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GrassLab project 🔰
Lightweight, non-premium flow, which used just like regular messenger

#5 In "Communication TOP RATED" category! Hooray!
#27 In "TOP RATED" list!!

Good communication tool for Automate developers

Update 9:
Events: Uses two broadcasts for sent and received messages, with data for plugin (time, message content, recipient/sender).

📥(Since upd. 8) Supports plugins
🇬🇧Multilingual - supports English (UK) and Russian
😎Supports emojis in message
💨Fast* message sending/receiving speed
🔄CFM (Cycled Flow Method) - start once, use as needed.
📃(Since upd. 4) Messages logged in history. Never forget them!
🔒(Upd. 7 - upd. 9) Message encryption no more provided due to no use

*Depends on your connection, network, and Android

Want to chat with me? Feel free.
jastredd@gmail.com - send feedback, suggestions and other stuff here.

[By Redd, the GrassLab cloud scientist :3]

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