PayPal Confirmation Code Manager

by DeBeden Hasen

Version 1 (July 3, 2017)

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There's a chance you're using PayPal and there's a chance that you're protecting your account using the message confirmation system. If you have a phone that doesn't preview messages (like mine), just use this flow.

What will it do?
You're asked if you're going to request a confirmation code from PayPal once the app comes into foreground.
» No: the flow restarts
» Yes: You're informed about what's going to happen:
• From now on, a message from 'PayPal' is awaited (depending on where you live, you may have to change that to a phone number).

As you receive the message,
• your current clipboard will be stored in the variable 'clip' as long as the flow remains active;
• the confirmation code from the text message is set as your clipboard

Now, a toast message sums up the above paragraph.

A notification is posted (clipboard icon).
» Dismissing: you're asked to confirm clearing your clipboard (the code will now be taken out of the clipboard, but to prevent it from being stolen for whatever reason, 'clip' is not being stored).
» Interaction: a confirmation dialog will appear, asking if you want to retrieve the contents of 'clip'.
» No: [the flow jumps to "Dismissing" from above]
» 'Retrieve' (Yes): The old clipboard will be overwritten from whatever 'clip' contained.

You're now asked if you want to see the restored clipboard.
» No: The flow ends and the variable 'clip' is cleared.
» Yes: [WARNING] Do not choose this option if you're with people you can't have seeing your old clipboard!
Anyways, a toast message showing what your clipboard has been set to will appear. Now, the flow ends any way and 'clip' is cleared.

• Non-premium/15 blocks
• Log file (full run): ~ 1 kB

More info? Use my support/feedback flow and write a review and ask!

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