System warning (non-root)

by DeBeden Hasen

Version 9 (July 18, 2017)

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Sometimes, we just ignore notifications sent by the android system. But actually, they can be important sometimes. Use this to always notice them.

What will it do?
Once started, a notification sent by 'android' is awaited. If one is found, it extracts its title and message and shapes a confirmation dialog.
» 'Understood' (Yes): Closes the dialog, starts an 1-hour delay and searches for another notification.

EDIT: I've optimized the flow. But now you can also get the rooted version. You can get it here (Flow 13525).

• Non-premium/5 blocks
• Log file (full run): ~ 400 B

Version 1.1 (6/1/17)
• Added failsafe mechanism
⟶ Sometimes, a security error causes the flow to stop. A simple addition should correct that (if not, please tell me!)

Version 1.1.1 (6/1/17)
• Corrected some connections

Version 1.2 (7/5/17)
• Added blocks to not report the keyboard message (edit the flow and change the string 'Auswählen der Tastatur' to your phone's title of the message). I made the same mistake in the root version (see above), its update will be out soon, too.
EDIT: The update is out.
• Corrected some connections

Version 1.3 (7/10/17)
• Swapped a block out

Version 1.4 (7/18/17)
• Corrected a string (the flow is now completely in English)
• (Re-)connected some blocks

More info? Use my support/feedback flow and write a review and ask!

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