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by DeBeden Hasen

Version 2 (July 7, 2017)

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A simple clicker game using atomics and random chances to keep you entertained for a short while.

What will it do?
Starting point 1 "Clicker"
First the atomic variable 'clicker' is loaded (in case a value has been stored from a previous game). Then a dialog opens.
» 'Stop' (No): Stores the variable and ends the flow.
» 'Click' (Yes): Adds the delta '1' to 'clicker', then stores the value and jumps to a different "beginning".

First, 'clicker' is loaded. Then, a random value is generated.
» Below 0.025: Adds the delta '10' to 'clicker' mentions it in a different dialog, stores the value and restarts... "this paragraph".
» Over 0.025: Stores the value and jumps to a different randomizer.

'clicker' is loaded and a random value is generated.
» Below 0.1: Adds the delta '2' to 'clicker' and mentions it in a different dialog, stores the value and restarts at the first random chance.
» Over 0.1: Stores the value and jumps to the main path.

If the main path is reached, the delta '1' is added to 'clicker', it is stored and then the beginning of the first randomizer is reloaded.

All of the above requires the first three dialogs to be answered with 'Click'.

Starting Point 2 "Reset"
Clears all atomics.
[WARNING] For the time being, this also resets the atomic counters of hitting a 2/10. This'll be changed in a later build, but for now, this has to suffice.

• Non-premium/24 blocks
• Varies between 500 B and 2 kB depending on which of the random chances met the conditions.
• I may actually add some more functions, restarting buffs, I don't know.

Version 1.1 (3/6/17)
• Pretty much completely rearranged the blocks to make them fit into the new pattern.
• Added counters for hitting a 2/10. They're not fully functional yet, therefore no way to actually check their values is present.

[UPCOMING] Version 2
The following features will, at some point, be added:
• Restarting buffs
• Buffs when hitting a certain amount of 2s/10s
• Some minor improvements or unnoticable changes

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Gosha Veselov
⟶ I'm sorry, but I can literally not do anythinf about that. And, to be honest, waiting 100 milliseconds for about 15 blocks to finish their work is not that big of a deal. If there is lag or not depends on your phone, so you, dearest Gosha Veselov, probably just have an older phone.

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