E-Mail support and feedback sender

by DeBeden Hasen

Version 2 (July 8, 2017)

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If you think a support request needs fast/immediate attention, you can use this flow to send me feedback to a flow.

What will it do?
First, you have to confirm that you really want to send me feedback.
» Yes: Closes the confirmation dialog and asks you input a subject and the body of your message.

To continue, you have to select a flow. Since this is a support request/feedback, please only choose a flow created by me. If you picked a flow that hasn't been created by me, your request will be ignored.

Now, another confirmation dialog is opened and an E-Mail is composed in your main mail app and (if there are multiple E-Mail apps, you have to close the confirmation dialog and then choose your preferred mail app).

After closing the last confirmation dialog, the flow ends and you can correct your E-Mail if you found typos or something like that and then send it.

No details for the 'no' options have been given, since all of them cause the flow to end.

• Non-premium/7 blocks
• Log file (full run): 465 B

Version 1.0.1 (6/3/17)
• Changed the 'subject' input dialog to single-row text

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Gosha Veselov
And what? You can rating own flows (and I too)
⟶ First of all, learn to speak and write proper English, I don't want to talk to scum like this. Now, rating your own flows isn't forbidden, I never said that. But it's just selfish to create a five-star review on a flow that you've created yourself. Third, I never did that. The one time I rated one of my own flows was an accident. I then changed that to three stars. Fourth, I usually don't do this, but since I'm not the only one being downvotes by you, I've downvoted you, too. If you're happy with doing something like that, fine, but I'll not just let this happen without payback.

Now, have fun translating that into Russian, creating a russian answer and then trying to figure out what the message is in English... Have fun...

Part 2
I don't want good ratings for nothing, I want good ratings because someone likes my flow.

More info? Use this flow and write a review and ask!

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