Flow Start Repeater

by Axisok Nibitzik

Version 1 (July 2, 2017)

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Start this flow from another flow giving the UID of another flow as payload and it'll start it.

-This sounds useless, so why?
-Well, some people can't make big flows because they have no way to buy premium(in my case, adding credit to Play Store never worked), right? And even if you make 2 or more flows that start one another, it doesn't work well.
When a flow starts another flow, if both flows have a total of more than 30 blocks, it won't work.
But what if the first flow doesn't directly start the second? Yup! With this flow, you can connect two separate flows with 28 blocks each, that's 56 blocks in two flows. If you want to make a giant system with easily 100+ blocks, this might save you 3 or 4 flows or even the need for paying premium.
It won't keep variables for obvious reasons, though. Maybe saving information in files? I don't know.

This flow is for absolute personal use, you shouldn't try to share multiple flows that work together like this because the flow's UID are different in every device. Basically it won't work.