📮🚰 Community notification

by Finch Nelson

Version 10 (July 18, 2017)

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🔰[Premium] minor update
➡ For flow creators
Notify you if there's any new review on your community flow, and show downloads count.
By finding changes in Star rating.
🔧 Update: should've put build-in auto update.
▪ Fix new flow updating.
▪ Fix rating check.
▪ Show downloads count since last check.
▪ Added 'quick check' (run main flow first)
▪ Reset rating when upload a new flow.

✔ Made pretty simple, just pick a flow you uploaded or downloaded from community and this flow will do the rest.
Automatically find your user ID and all your uploaded flow.
📮 Feedback are appreciated
📝 Note: will not work if any of your flow has a rating lower than 0 (reported ⚠)

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