Activity Recorder

by Nobin Jacob

Version 1 (October 8, 2017)

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-----NON-PREMIUM Flow-----

This flow records your daily phone usage activity and shows the previous day's usage activity to you every morning at 6 am.(you can edit this time through the time await block in the flowchart.)

NOT In {Beta} Anymore!!
!!Thanks Users!!

The activity consists of:-
*Total device usage time.
**Total online time.
***Number of times device unlocked.

Basically, it gives a clear picture about how much you are addicted to your phone.

It also maintains a text file(activity_recorder.txt) containing all the data recorded so far.
The file will be present in your internal storage.

*Make sure logging is turned off.
**Tracker may stop after a system reboot and also after clearing the RAM so, take care of that.

Comment your suggestions or problems if you have any....
Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

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