📱 SMS Command

by Arthur Charpenay

Version 2 (August 14, 2017)

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◾Command your phone at distance thanks to SMS.
✅ Localization command
[Send the "C4" message] Switches on features which permits localization and Internet connection and sends back to the sender a message with the phone position.

✅ Find command:
[Send the "C3" message]
Sets the sound to its maximum and plays sounds and vibrations to help you to find your phone.

✅ Lock command
[Send the "C1" message]
Locks your phone and keeps it locked

✅ Unlock command
[Send the "C2" message]
Permits the desactivation of the lock command
✌The sound of the find command can be changed.
✌The name of the commands should be changed for security, DO NOT put the same title: (loc, lock) it'll recognize both.
⚠ The name of the commands MUST be known, your phone can be blocked if forgotten.
⚠ *A part of the localization command needs a root acces, even if this command can sometimes work without it, it will often not work.
🔧30 blocks
🔧Language: english
🔧1-2 running fibers
🔧Superuser, telephony, location, system settings, connectivity and device administrator permissions.
ℹ If you have any suggestions or ideas, tell me them in the comments!

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