🔒Lock-In-App 🆓

by JABlazer XII

Version 1 (August 11, 2017)

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{9 blocks} Prevents users from exiting a selected app.
⏩Quick Controls:
Open app to lock in. Tap notification to be given a PIN prompt. Enter whatever you want but just remember it! To remove lock, leave the app and enter your previously chosen PIN when prompted. It's that easy!

ℹLong Version:
Have a friend that wants to do "just one thing" on your phone, but don't trust them to do just that one thing? Or a stranger on the street wants to make a call and you don't trust people in general? Well now you can make sure they only do what you let them do by requiring a PIN to exit any app of your choice. Simply start the flow, go to the app they need, and tap the Lock-In-App notification. You'll be asked for the PIN that you will use to unlock the phone and that's it! If they try to leave the app, they will be prompted to enter the PIN and if they fail to do so correctly in 10 seconds then they will be kicked back into the app. To exit, leave as you normally would and then provide the PIN you entered at the start.

Known Bugs:
- When locked, users have about 5 seconds of freedom about the home screen before the PIN prompt appears.

By: PotatoCode

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