Your Flows Monitor - Free

by Humberto Walviece

Version 12 (August 15, 2017)

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Update 12

Monitor downloads and ratings of your flows for each 30m.

Note: The first time you start this flow, it will only be for data collection of flows, from the second time it checks for updates.

Support & Feedback:

Reply to Денис Лочмелис ago 12, 2017:
1. This flow monitors all your uploaded flows in the community.
2. In the start, the flow colect all flows data, and I scheduled to notify only in case of change. If wait 1h to check for change, it's too much for you, edit block #56 in the flow.

v1: First release.
- Ratings monitor of your flows.

v2: Various improvements.
- Downloads monitor added.
- Verification setted to each 1h.

v3: Bug fixes.
- All bug fixes.

v4: Minor improvements.
- Deleted extra blocks.

v5: Minor improvements and bug fixes.
- Deleted extra blocks.
- Return to beginning after all completed actions.

v6: Minor improvements.
- Fewer blocks.

v7: Minor changes.

v8: Minor changes.
- Verification setted to each 30m.

v9: Bug fixes.

v10: Bug fixes.

v11: Bug fixes.

v12: Bug fixes.
- Ratings verification fixed.

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