.đŸ‘ˆPINCH ME [force Me to re-rate your flow]

by Zdenek Zimmermann

Version 1 (September 16, 2017)

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No need of dowloading this, thanks for any comment.

If you thing that any of MY ratings or comments is unfair, than give me ONE STAR HERE and write whitch flow was it.

Afrer re-rating: If it's OK than leave ONE star, and delete the comment please.

I'm trying to rate each flow compared to others made for the same purpose. I realise that I do misstakes, and this is the way I would like to make them disappear.

This is how I want to rate each flow:

Five stars- when flow is fully functonall; simple but programmed on the edge of possibilities

Four stars- when the flow is the best of flows made for same purpose (best of those I found)

Three stars- when it works, but It's nothing S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Two stars- when flow is not working properly, contains bug, or It's programed withough knowledge of Automate and/or programming.

One star/or alert- when flow doesn't work at all, or contains costly premission, or it is troller, lagger, spammer, empty, or it is the same flow uploaded to more categories.

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