🖥 Falcon OS 💻

by Nobin Jacob

Version 55 (December 11, 2017)

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This is a mini Operating System.
Hey Falconer's, VERSION 55{Stable} IS OUT!!
P.S :- This flow consists of more than 900 blocks ,so if you have a low end device which cannot take such load,please don't download....

What's new in Ver55?
*Added a new Homescreen Layout "Random".
**Fixed a bug with "You vs zombies".
***Minor improvements.

[Requires Premium]

Falcon Includes:-
*A HomeScreen.
(Shows current date and time, temperature at your place, Battery stats and Notifications of top priority.)

1)Clappy clap
2)You vs zombies
3)The Memory Game
4)R.P.S Battle

1)My cam
2)Audio Recorder

(create, view and delete text files)

*****Some Utility flows
1) Decision Makers
2)Falcon Browser
3)Music Assist
4)Weather Info

******A Voice Assistant (Xena)

(To easily customize Falcon OS)

That's all for now!
Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

Recent Updates log:-
Ver55(Dec 11,2017):-
*Added a new Homescreen Layout "Random".
**Fixed a bug with "You vs zombies".
***Minor improvements.

Ver40-54(Nov 16,2017-Dec 9,2017)
*Added BackUp Logs.
*Security update(part 3).
*Fixed system file deletion.
*Toggle for Music Assist and Xena.
*Added Help Section.
*Added a new game(R.P.S Battle).
*Minor improvements.
*Some changes in BackUp option.
*Added BackUp option in settings.
*Added 3 New layouts for HomeScreen.
*Added a separate settings section for HomeScreen under main settings.
*Added weather info under utility flows.

Ver1-39 (Sep 23,2017-Nov 10,2017)
*Added new game(The Memory Game).
*Added fibers for media.
*Added Notification enable/disable option.
*Added homescreen notifications.
*Added Fiber Overload Prevention.
*Removed many unwanted blocks.
*Added About section.
*Added AutoFeed.
*Added total usage option.
*Added telephonic fibers.
* Security update(part 2).
*Security update(part 1).
*Many changes in the overall design.
*Many tweaks and bug fixes.
*Made more Immune to sudden file deletions.
*Added Multitasking.
*Added a new game (You vs Zombies).
*Many improvements in security.
*Added unique ID for everyone.
*Many improvements in HomeScreen.
*Added Falcon Browser.
*Added Sleep mode.
*Added Password hashing
*Added updater.
*Flow Release.

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