🖥 Falcon OS📱{beta}

by Nobin Jacob

Version 29 (October 21, 2017)

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This is a mini Operating System.
Hey Falconer's, VERSION 29 IS OUT!!
Start & login to your old flow to update to the latest version.

What's new in Ver28&29:-
*A small bug fix.
**Altered few more blocks for better functionality.
***Added AutoFeed Enable/Disable option.(By default, AutoFeed is enabled).
****You will learn about AutoFeed in Falcon OS.

NOTE:- When a new update comes, please click on the notification.
After clicking,if import new flow dialog is not visible in the foreground, please click on its notification to bring it in foreground.

[Requires Premium]

Falcon Includes:-
* A HomeScreen

1)Clappy clap
2)You vs zombies

(create,view,delete text files)

****Some Utility flows
1) Decision Makers
2)Falcon Browser
3)Music Assist

*****A Voice Assistant (Xena)

That's all for now!
Thank you,
Nobin Jacob

Recent Updates log:-

Ver28&29(Oct 21,2017)
*A small bug fix.
**Altered few more blocks for better functionality.
***Added AutoFeed Enable/Disable option.(By default, AutoFeed is enabled).

Ver26&27(Oct 20,2017):-
*A small upgrade to total usage option.
**minor improvements.
***Altered some blocks for better functionality.

Ver25(Oct 19,2017)
*Now shows total usage time of Falcon OS.
**Minor changes and improvements.
***Small bug fixes.

Ver24(Oct 16,2017)
* Added fibers for Telephony.
From now on, you can call/message anyone through Falcon OS.

Ver22&23(Oct 14,2017)
*Small but fatal bug fix.
**Fixed bug in updater.

Ver21(Oct 13,2017)
* Security update(part 2).
-from now on you have the choice to use a password or not to use!!
--minor changes in settings.
**some upgrades to Factory Reset option.
***Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Ver20(Oct 9,2017)
* Security update(part 1).
-from now on falcon will block you if you enter wrong passwords for 3 times.
--added a security question for more security.
---added "forgot password?" option.
**some upgrades to sleep mode.
***Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Ver19(Oct 7,2017)
* Some changes in the overall design.
**Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Ver18(Oct 5,2017)
* Made more Immune to sudden file deletions.
**Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Ver16&17(Oct 2,2017)
*Added Multitasking.
**Minor Bug fixes.

Ver15(Oct 1,2017)
*Added a new game (You vs Zombies).

Ver13&14(Sep 30,2017)
*Bug Fixes
**Minor improvements in security.
***Added a unique ID for everyone.
****Minor improvements in HomeScreen.

Ver12(Sep 28,2017)
*Bug Fixes...

Ver11(Sep 27,2017)
*Added Falcon Browser.
**Some Changes in Homescreen.
***Added "Edit your name" option.

Ver10(Sep 25,2017)
*Added Sleep mode.
**Minor tweaks in Homescreen.
***Removed some unwanted blocks.
****Minor Changes and improvements.

Ver8&9(Sep 24,2017):
*Your Password is now first hashed and then stored. Yeah more secure....
**Fixed a bug in updater....

Ver2-7(Sep 23,2017):
*Added updater.
**Some bug fixes.
***Resolved Factory-Reset issue.

Ver1(Sep 23,2017):
*Flow Release.

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