🎵 Music alarm

by Paul Vanhaesebrouck

Version 6 (November 9, 2017)

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Change your boring morning alarm and listen to music instead!
This flow runs in the background and catches every alarm that you've set with the default application in order to replace their sound with music from Google Play Music.

- Once the service is started you can simply enjoy the nice UI of the default alarm app!
- This flow is made to be safe: it restores the initial alarm volume after the music has stopped (or if it hasn't started) to make sure your alarm always rings.
- Music query: choose the type of music you want (e.g. Lucky Radio, [your favourite style], [your favourite artist], ...)
- Wifi Auto On (60 sec. before alarm)
- Volume parameter
- All parameters are made persistent
- Update v5: Tells the time between tracks (currently in French but easy to modify).

This flow is too big for non-premium, sorry.

Even if I made this flow as safe as possible, I am not responsible if it does not work as intended! This flow relies on features not supported by android.

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