▶️3g/H+ fix - Oneplus 5 only

by Axel G

Version 1 (November 18, 2017)

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⚠️Some operations needs to be performed manually before using the flow⚠️
📵 Oneplus 5 only - useless for other phones 📵

This flow is a workaround for the Oneplus 5 bug when connected to 3g.
For information about the issue see :

The flow is only active when the phone is connected to 3g and when the screen is on to keep power consumption low.

It works by toogling a local VPN (during five second) each time you unlock the device in order to reset data connection. The VPN doesn't send any information outside your phone. You need to install this app :


The flow then keeps pinging every 2 seconds in order to keep connection alive. If the network connectivity drops, the flow will attempt to restore it by toogling data off then off.

Note that the use of this flow will use a few MB of data each day, depending on your usage.

Before use, you need to setup two blocks, see video tutorial :

Optional :
If you want to use a streaming app like spotify when on 3g, be aware that locking the device will stop this flow and data connection can drop. To prevent this, consider using the app "blackr" from the play store to put the screen off without locking the device when you are listening Spotify.