📮🔐 Secret Sms Sender

by Alexandre Desfontaines

Version 1 (December 16, 2017)

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Have you ever wanted to send secret message ? But don't know how to do ? Don't search anymore, here is the solution !

With this simple flow, you can send double encoded SMS to an contact by simply activate your wi-fi hotspot. It will ask you for a password and them for a contact and for a message. The SMS will begin with : ENCODEDSMS:

When you receive encoded SMS, a password will be require to decrypt it. If the decryption fail, you can cancel or respond. This is due to special characters like : !,?,/,(,), etc.

-= Change log =-
V1 : release

-= To do =-
Nothing for now

This is simple to decode by an person but it can protect you from some people.
I don't guarantee that it can be uncrackable.

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