Spotify+BT Device+Text-to-Speech+Voice Recognition

by Chris

Version 3 (December 27, 2017)

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🎶 When connected to a Bluetooth speaker, a prompt will ask you two options with text to speech:

1) [Spotify] or [Spotify & Maps]
2) If you select Spotify, it will take you to a second dialogue choice asking whether or not a passenger is in the car with you. Selecting either option will affect the volume of the music. (This makes it easier to conversate with the people in your car).

3) Selecting [Spotify and Maps] will give you the same dialogue options as above, but it opens up Google maps after playing your music.

Features Include:
💎Full Auto Brightness
💎Screen Timeout off
💎Toast Notifications
💎Text-to-Speech (British)
💎Volume auto adjuster

Credits: Based off of Pomah Hebepob's flowchart

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