NTD AutoVPN (free OpenVPN)

by Niels Triple

Version 15 (January 19, 2018)

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build 201801180000
Premium flow! No root required.

NTD AutoVPN will connect you (on blacklisted SSID's) to a free OpenVPN server hosted by VPNBook, which claims to hold no logs, but it's great to bypass certain internet restrictions at the office' or schools Wi-Fi network either way! ;)
As soon as VPNBook changes the password (about once every week), NTD AutoVPN will notify you, and fetch the new password for you!

Optional help with setup (on first run only) included.

The OpenVPN app.
A VPNBook OpenVPN file of your choosing.
An OpenVPN shortcut to connect.
An OpenVPN shortcut to disconnect.

Created on a Galaxy S8
Changelog builds:
201712280000 - it's live!
201712300000 - added whitelist and blacklist. Simplified installer.
201712300000 - added detection system for when VPNBook changes their website lay-out.
201712310000 - untangled some spaghetti.
201801020000 - added VPNBook username detection. Bugfix
201801030000 - bugfix
201801130000 - improved error handeling
201801170000 - multiple updates
201801180000 - bugfix

More info in readme file.

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