DHCP friendly Wake on Lan

by kyle thevampkid

Version 6 (February 5, 2018)

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PREMIUM Android 6+

If you want wake on Lan for a home PC but you have a dynamic IP. This flow will update your public IP so you don't have to.

The flow allows you to use your custom setup making it easy to switch to.

This flow assumes you have one wireless home access point.

If you're using the free version consider using the simpler one I made.
It's still compatible with the partner flow but is stripped of a few functions that streamline the main flow.

Install automate on second device.
On the second phone setup the partner flow.
On the host setup this flow
On the host add the quick settings tile.
Make sure host and partner phones use different Gmail accounts.
Leave second device at home connected to home wifi.
Provided your wake on Lan is setup properly it will work. Even if your DHCP lease expires.

This Flow used to be NON-PREMIUM
But with bug fixes it made the flow larger than 30 blocks.

PARTNER FLOW:http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/19025

Change log:
- changed Geo location check on setup to if you're connected to home wifi.

- added a fail check to retry if the http call failed.

- bug: if you get on home wifi after being out, unless you tapped the wake button it wouldn't switch. Added an auto switch.

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