©lipboard Master - FOTY Edition

by Axisok Nibitzik

Version 1 (January 24, 2018)

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[Premium Version]
Infinite extra clipboards.
Copy and paste like never before!

Not 100% tested yet, sorry.
I'm aware of the fact that there are some alternatives for this flow, but with this you can copy without needing to use the notification and paste quickly.

Android 6 is needed to copy with the Automate Flow option on the little "copy|select all|..." window.

[FOTY Edition Only]
-Paste a ©lipboard without changing the system's clipboard.
-Delete clipboards.
-Options menu:
--Enable/disable the flow pasting your ©lipboards after selection.
--Enable/disable a slow and really unpractical animation. I just think it's cool.
-74 blocks.

[How to use]

-Start the flow.
-Do stuff with one of the two methods.

--TO SAVE: Copy a text and tap the notification, then select save clipboard and make a new one/override an older one.
--TO LOAD: Tap the notification and select one of the saved ones you have. It may not show anything, in this case you have no clipboards saved.

-METHOD 2(Android 6 required):
--TO SAVE: Select any text and tap "...", then, select Automate Flow and this flow.
--No way to paste with the same method, I don't even think it's possible.

I named it like that because it goes way up in your flow list, even above emoji ones.