🌍🚫📶 No Travel Datas

by Alexandre Desfontaines

Version 1 (April 14, 2018)

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You are traveling a lot but sometimes forget to turn off data's ? This flow is made for you !

Description :
With this simple flow, you can be reminded of you need to turn off or on your datas. Even for non premium.

How to use :
Simply start the flow, if it's the first time, a country will be asked to you. If it's done, he will get the current country and compare it to the stored one and show the appropriate notification !

How it works :
The flow is asking you a country, geocode it and geocode it reverse to give you precise data's !
When set, he check the current location and get the country by geocoding it reverse. If it's the same, it's show the turn back notification, if it's false, it show the turn off notification.
After he wait for a 50km location change.

What's next :
Add multiple country's for those who got two subscription or European who are traveling inside the Europe. Or maybe country's that are covered by your subscription.

Conditions of utilisation :
You can use this flow in Anny of your creation by giving credits to the creator (Alexandre Desfontaines). But re-uploading without making any changes is prohibited.

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