🙌 Touchless Audio Control V3.1

by Vladimir Da Lima

Version 4 (May 20, 2018)

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Original flow by: BENJAMIN CANTLUPE
This is an improved version of Benjamin flow.


• Version 3.1 •
*Added: Stop flow by notification

Premium needed.
66 Blocks❗

When your device is connected (Headset or Bluetooth) and the screen is off, you can control your audio player with your proximity sensor.
This flow work also with Spotify!

⚪➿➿ COMMANDS ➿➿⚪

Quick wave: Next song
Medium wave: Play/pause
Slow wave: Previous song
Hold over sensor: Nothing (this allows you to put the phone in your pocket and avoid activating this flow)

⚪➿➿ FIRST USE ➿➿⚪

Before start using this flow, you need to edit every (3) audio player block with your audio player package (Block number: 82,83,88).


I recommend using an app like Pie Control to activate this flow.

⚪➿➿ ➿➿⚪

Comment what you would like to see in the next version on this flow!

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