Alarm from event

by a google user

Version 8 (February 6, 2017)

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*v8: forgot to substract midnight timestamp from 'now()' to get the current timestamp for the 60 second "within offset" alarm.
* v7: re-introduced event storage from v5
* v6: cleaned up spaghetti, fixed alert time (12h clock sucks!), alertsound query gated by android version
* v5: now _should_ ignore events already set up, using an atomic variable. automatically clears it, too.
* error fix for v3: offset was timestamped twice (*60*60 instead of *60)
* duplicate execution disabled, now has suspension system. please copy the flow with import when you need it for several calendars or never use suspension and tick multiple exec in begin block
* alarm sound can be selected, continue after preview - don't select long files (or press the play notification to abort)
* hard coded calendar read time to 1900, every alarm is now added by an uncoupled fork 23:59h before the event (this allows several concurrent events without locking the flow up), legacy function preserved (bottom left corner)
* manager's meeting reminder: at the bottom, connect block #135, delay:1h instead of "time await" beside it to read your calendar every hour. this can be used for shared meeting calendars supervised by employer

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