🚘 Drive All-in-One Modular [AR]

by Antonio Roji

Version 2 (May 24, 2016)

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Switched to Spotify, Apple Music sucked big time.

I reworked the flow and made it modular. Now it's easier to maintain and modify. While the original flow was one big flow, this one has many flows within itself.

Keep the flow "A1 Always Running" running as it's name suggests and if you want to have a home screen shortcut use the flow A2 Shortcut.

While driving:
-Turns off WiFi.
-Checks if/when phone is charging, then continues:
-Sets screen brightness to 50%
-Cleans memory (Requires Clean Master app).
-Greenifies the phone (Requires Greenify app).
-Sets screen orientation to Portrait.
-Turns on Bluetooth, if Bluetooth doesn't connect in 5 minutes, turns it off.
-If/when headphones are connected, starts music app (Spotify).
-Starts playing music automatically.
-Starts maps app (Waze).

After driving, checks if phone is charging, if not:
-Asks if you are still driving, if not (or no input after three minutes):
-If/when Bluetooth is disconnected, turns it off.
-If/when headphones are disconnected stops music app.
-Turns on WiFi.
-Stops maps app.

Needs root. If you find any problems, let me know on the comments.

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