🔦Flashlight v5 [SSz]

by Szabolcs Somlai

Version 6 (May 26, 2016)

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Turns the LED ON, and stops it, when you put your phone into your pocket. But prevents to turn the light OFF by proximty sensor while the phone facing down.

- Turns ON and OFF by the same button
- No backround Flow, by turning OFF kills the whole process, not only fibers
- Turning OFF with proximity sensor (you can put your phone into your pocket or backpack)
- Not stops while screen dim, or while the screen locks
- Keep going while phone facing down (you can put it on your table)
- Shows interactive notification

Version 2
- Reduced block ammount
- Goes on two fibers

Version 3
- Fixed 'proximity pauses the process' bug
- Extended notification

Version 4
- Reduced block ammount
- Faster turn off
- Simplified Flow

Version 5
- Fixed 'Stop Flow' bug

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