Network Burst (save battery in busy environments)

by Ross Canpolat

Version 1 (April 28, 2015)

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This Trigger Requires ROOT!

When you find yourself in a busy environment with several hundred phones around you your phone will be forced to work harder to send and receive data in the sea of other connections around you. This takes its toll on your battery and draws extra power.

The idea of a network burst is to set an endless loop of airplane mode on/off

The trigger is set to run when your battery reaches 15% but this can be easily edited.

Airplane mode will activate for 1 minute saving you power. 1 minute later airplane mode will deactivate allowing emails, notifications etc to download. After another minute the loop starts again. This can easily reduce battery drain related to data and wifi usage by up to 50% in the right busy environment.

Try it in Shopping Malls, Airports, Conferences & Concerts. Anywhere you expect large amounts of data being transferred.

Tested on: Nexus 6 - 5.1 Lollipop - Rooted

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