by Eric Rösch

Version 5 (November 30, 2016)

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A simple flow which cleans your phone using an internal database of common junk and cache files.

I don't have many junk files on my phone (which is obviously a good thing), but I want Cleaner to remove as many files as possible. So if you know a directory where junk and/or cache is stored which isn't included yet, write a rating!

Permissions needed:
• have full network access: for checking for updates
• read/modify/delete the contents of your SD card: for cleaning, obviously

Changelog (v2):
• Added "Cleaner is now enabled" message
• Added updater
• Added 5 new directories

Changelog (v3):
• Added fiber for system cache clearing
• Added fiber for app uninstalling

Changelog (v4):
• Added 1 new directory
• Removed 1 directory (WhatsApp/media)
• Added permissions explanation to description
• Fixed a typo

Changelog (v5):
• Added "Clear App Cache" fiber (requires root)
• Improvements when checking for updates

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