Ladealarm 2 (Battery saver)

by Wolfgan H

Version 1 (January 26, 2017)

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This is an updated version of my first flow Ladealarm. I inserted wait timers to prevent java errors. I also inserted an error catcher which keeps the flow running even if a java error occurs.

It is detrimental to the health of a Lithium ion battery to chage it up to 100 % since the charging current will increase logarythmically for the last 20%. Therefore I charge my laptop and mobile only up to 85%. My experience is excellent with this. While my Thinkpad automatically stops charging at the 85% threshold, mobiles are not cabable oft this. With automated I have now a way to get an acustical
warning and vibration when 85% are reached. The warning will continue until the line is pulled. Feel free to use it though I hold no responsability for the correct function or caused damage to your device.

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