Pokemon Go SuperSaver

by a google user

Version 4 (September 6, 2016)

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Current version info:
rebuild sub to fix an issue

Next version
will NOT include a ball thrower, niantic may be able to detect this!

Lets you disable the screen while playing pokemon go without triggering sleep mode or locking.

proximity sensor hardware, screen standby ROOT (flow can take you to the play store).

while Pokémon go is in foreground, activate the proximity sensor to disable screen. Trigger again to turn it back on.

Advised setting:
* disable touch screen if you want to pocket the device (locking the phone is set up as emergency override to end standby)
* If screen pulses, you need to disable hardware overlay in dev settings
Disclaimer: screen standby is 3rd party and may not work with your device.

while the screen is off, go will still have the gpu draw the map view. Use battery saver to rest the GPU and save more power

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