Phone Optimization ^2

by Matt Freund (Notch8864)

Version 2 (November 28, 2016)

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This is a phone optimization utility and more features are coming eventually, but this is an unstable development test, some features may be unstable and not work as intended.

Current Features:
Battery Saver V.1
Alarm, Notification, Sound, automator (sleep mode manager) V. Unstable Test 1

Battery Saver Details:

A simple battery saver that works with (what I hope to be) all android versions, and will save battery as much as possible, and currently works with Doze Android 6+, battery saver (built in) Android 5+, and connectivity Android 4.4.X and lower. If you run into issues, I have a logging feature built in to (hopefully) let you know when you run into issues, also, if you are charging this is rendered completely useless, and it recognises it. Hope it works!

*Please note that this is a one time run, and I am working to keep it going to work automatically, also, I might drop support for Android 5+ later on.

Sleep Mode Manager Details:

This is currently being developed and may require you to change some details in the flowchart, I intend to make it easy for you to change later on when it is finished, current defaults are 7:00PM to 7:00AM is the time frame where you would have your phone in sleep mode in Android 4.X.X-4.4.4, all other versions will work with the Do Not Disturb settings that you have configured in your settings in Android 5.X.X+

Still under development. I intend for each new version to contain some more features to help your battery, with the exception of finalization of unstable utilities (and beta tests if I decide to do them).