Phone Optimization ^2

by Matt Freund (Notch8864)

Version 3 (April 10, 2017)

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This is a phone optimization utility and more features are coming eventually, but this is an unstable development test, some features may be unstable and not work as intended.

Current Features:
Battery Saver V.2

Battery Saver Update Details:

In this update, we have cleaned up the interface, and we have removed MANY unnecessary blocks in an attempt to bring support to unpaid users, may have issues, if this fails I apologise, but I am trying to get it to work without any issues.

Sleep Mode Manager Details:
Dropped. I have dropped Sleep Manager as it is useless and it would be better of on its own. Also there are many more apps that do the same thing... But I might bring certain features to older versions of Android, such as do not disturb mode, except as a separate string.

Still under development. I intend for each new version to contain some more features to help your battery, with the exception of finalization of unstable utilities (and beta tests if I decide to do them).