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SMS send

An action block that sends an SMS without user interaction.

The fiber will pause until the message has been sent.

A message longer than 160 characters will be split into multiple parts, each sent as a separate SMS. Set multipart limit to truncate the message to a maximum number of parts.

If this block cause an NullPointerException failure, try enabling the SMS send workaround option in settings.

Safety! Automate limits the rate of SMS sent with this block. The rate can be configured in settings.

Input arguments

  • Phone number — phone number that should be delivered to.
  • Subscription id — id of subscription (SIM) used to send message, default is any.
  • Message — message text.
  • Multipart limit — maximum number of parts sent when a message is split, default is 1.
  • Hidden — whether the message should be hidden from to the messaging app. (Android -4.3)
Note! This documentation can also be found in the Help & feedback menu of the app.