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array matches(value, regex)

Returns the result of matching a value against a regular expression.

An array value will return the result of the first matching element, a dictionary value will return the result of the first matching entry key, otherwise the text of value itself is matched.

Both the regular expression syntax and text literals use the backslash \ and left curly bracket { characters for special purpose. Use \\ and \{ to avoid the text literal interpretation.

Flags embedded as a prefix in regex:

(?d)Unix lines mode
(?i)Case-insensitive matching (US-ASCII only)
(?iu)Case-insensitive matching (Unicode, preferred)
(?m)Multiline mode
(?s)Dotall mode, use it when matching a multiple line value
(?u)Unicode-aware case folding
(?x)Ignore whitespace and comments in pattern


  1. value — value to be matched.
  2. regexregular expression to match against.


  • an array containing the entire matched result and any matching capture groups, or null if there were no match.
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