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Password Generator Tap Anywhere to Generate & Copy Password Done!
.*)parentFiberURI%Click dialog notificationP")?⚠️ Setup RequiredYou have add automate tile() to use this flow. Android 7+ A tile must be added before it can be used. Expand the status bar and tap the EDIT or “pen” button, then drag to add one or more of the Automate tiles. Android 6 Not officially supported but may be enabled with the experimental System UI Tuner, if available. All tiles must be added before they can be used: Open the System UI Tuner settings, or long-click the “cog” icon atop of the expanded status bar. Open the Quick Settings screen Click Add tile at the bottom Choose Broadcast Tile Write or paste com.llamalab.automate.tile.Automate1then click OK. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for com.llamalab.automate.tile.Automate2and com.llamalab.automate.tile.Automate3 CyanogenMod 12.1+ No setup required, tiles are added dynamically. - from automate documentSetup CompleteGenerate Password@?? ℹ Tutorial Reliable Password Generator - By QWERTY CAT Version 2 ========== 1. Welcome! This flow generates strong password(16 charactered). 2. When you need, focus on element you want, expend notification panel and click 'generate password'. 3. Click dialog and follow instruction.(It can take some times at loading, please wait.) 4. The final action differs depends on where the focus is. 4-1. If fill-able field(password box) is focused: The text box will be filled automatically. Initial clipboard content will be restored. 4-2. Or not: password will be copied to clipboard.Initial clipboard content will NOT be restored. ℹ HTML elements(web page textbox) are treated as not fill-able. Instead, manually paste it. ℹ Click OK to read setup instruction. ⚠️Warning! You have to follow setup instruction or you can't use this flow. Click OK to read it. I'm not native English user. Please write a review with wrong script to help me translating.Exit;  I