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Dexicon App Documentation and Standards

This document is a set of Guides and Standards for m
This document will be changed once in a while, so remember to check on it every few Dexicon updates.


As a DxDeveloper, you can make any flow, any way you'd like, but there are some expectations that you need to follow to be approved as an official creator. These also include the rules of the Automate community (e.g. no malware), because your flows will be on the community. There are also some expectations set to make apps convenient for the users.

  • If your flow has multiple beginnings, name the main beginning something that stands out.
  • Your flows must not abuse the fact that force-stop only stops the first fiber and any binded fibers, unless your app specifically warns the user.
  • Tell the user why your flow needs certain permissions, unless it's obvious (like camera & media permissions for a camera app).
  • It is OK to have errors! DexieOS knows when an app ends, so if you have an error, fix it, and until you fix it, DexieOS will cover for your app errors!
  • No loopholes or tricks!
  • If you ever need help with Dexicon concepts or anything related to DexieOS, you can email me at

    .*{{?Dx AppsoThe only apps out there are the official Dexicon apps, as of this upload, since the Dexicon isn't very popular.helpsel@@?-? Select MenuVersionDx App Documentation Great Dx AppsAppendix [[K[;KKK;++;;;App ( ) has ended!uoapp@ uofiber@;App ( ) has failed!@K[KKKKK?Disjoint from Dexicon?%(This requires the Dx app to restart)OKCancelKKAlready Disjointed (Since Dexicon a61, all apps are disjointed by default.)@bind;;;Already binded!@++[[uourifiber??Bind app to Dexicon?%(This requires the Dx app to restart)OKCancelc?Disjoint@ Force Stop@Bind@ `Dx App A Dx App ()) is running, and has been running since . hh:mm MMM dd@@??pKInvalid Dexicon App: !@?BindingBind app to Dexicon?DisjointBind-?Choose an app!@sel?@@)? Select ActionApps About DexiconSettingsWUnrootRoot?DexieOS Welcome, &! Your Dexicon information: ⚡% battery  Root Status ⌚userbatteryW#$hh:mm:ss, MMM ddStartExit+@+ Passcode@2?DexieOSLog in to DexieOS/W#!$!BootExitW}root$0 6<H N8T`l x$*(&D024 6   JPN@@first?refbDexieOS/sys/name.txtUTF-8DexieOS/sys/model.txtUTF-8rand@$ Dust Dexicon@4Cookie Dexicon@> Sand Dexicon@DGlowdust Dexicon@I Love Dexicon@NPsydust Dexicon@Q Sugar Dexicon@TGlorious Dexicon@VCreative Dexicon@Y Lucky DexiconHacker DexiconDexieOS/root/root.txtUTF-8@Y DexieOS/apps DexieOS/root DexieOS/sys?, }}Learning about your system...3Don't worry, it's nothing involving sensitive data.@@???Input Password@2^.{4,}$?Input User's name@^.{2,}$? FirstbootFirstboot is what happens when you boot up the Dexicon for the first time. Your PC will need some information about you... I won't use this for myself, but people can crack atomic variables so you shouldn't use your real name. For example, use a nickname or username.Okay Maybe laterssWelcome to your Dexicon@a648M8A858)HMHAH5file?com.llamalab.automate(com.llamalab.automate.FlowImportActivityfile://android.intent.extra.SUBJECTjsontitleandroid.intent.extra.TEXT description<[^>]*>uri5 community_idGET@status?Update availableVersion  is available! uploadVersionUpdateversion uploadVersion5 community_idGET?/content://com.llamalab.automate.provider/flows//@H_id,version,title,description,logging,community_id,downloaded,statements@Start < > @?? Re-FirstbootThis won't reset much. Try factory resetting in the "Start" flow path to reset the system. This will recheck for root, Android version, and more.OkayCancelss Re-Firstboot!+)-31;_=759[  /     $@' Are you sure?MThis will wipe all your data, even the DexieOS folder! Timeout in 5 seconds.Do it!No! Factory ResetA?]'#%