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The application implements an execution of the command line utilities. The use of pipes, shell builtin commands and scripts is available. Commands are executed with the /system/bin/env utility as a string operand of the shell:

    env {your environment} {your shell} -c '{your command}'

The environment is saved in the text file console.env, which is stored in the root folder of the SD card. The default environment is:


To get information about utilities type: man {utility name}. Since the command line runs in a subshell, avoid executing interactive commands. Otherwise, tap on the command execution notification to stop running subshell and return to the web interface.


1. Run this line to learn the utilities, implemented by toybox:

    cd /system/bin; for i in *; do [ -h $i ] && [ $(readlink $i) = toybox ] && 
        echo "$i\n$(toybox --help $i)\n"; done

2. Executing a script:

    cd $TMPDIR; echo "echo \"Hello from \$0\" " > # Make a script for testing
    cat $TMPDIR/ # Check the contents of the script 
    sh $TMPDIR/ # Execute the script 

3. Make a shell deamon:

    sh -c 'while true; do [ -f "stdin" ] && 
        { echo -e "[$(pwd)]"; echo -en "\$ "; cat stdin; sh stdin; } >>stdout 2>>stderr; 
        rm -f stdin; sleep 4; done' &

The application is partially tested on the Nexus 7 (2013) with Android 6.0.1

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