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[Premium] Vers 4.6:

Changelog Revamp! Now it is in drop-down menus and the latest is opened automatically, plus added dates of updates which are known, others are just empty Btw, as you might already see, versioning has changed as well, now the versioning looks like this: major.[minor(since last major).[fixes.[smaller edits/announcements]]]

[Premium] 17.05.2022 Vers

1. Updated changelog and fixed some html mistakes, 1.13.1 will contain fully revamped changelog and soon versioning will be changed, changelog will be updated accordingly

[Premium] Vers 4.5:

1. Added "Battery percentage in progressbar" option, which as the name suggests, shows battery percentage in the progressbar of the notification

[Premium] Vers 4.4:

1. Added support for xiaomi power save mode, usual block doesn't detect that, so it was unusable those devices

[Premium] Vers 4.3:

1. Fixed connection types in feedback

[Premium] Vers 4.2:

1. Added feedback option

[Premium] Vers 4.1

1. Settings now apply on the run, no need to restart flow 2. Little settings rebuild so that they are prettier and take less space

[Premium] Vers 4:

Settings fully revamped, no more setup-ish linear style; Information settings(a.k.a. tracker options) is back and working!

[Premium] Vers 3.3.1

Small fixes

[Premium] Vers 3.3:

Autoupdate changes, updates only if "Vers: " is changed is the very first line of description containing the version of the flow

[Premium] Vers 3.2:

Changelog is inside of the flow(because the char limit), only latest update is in description, "Charger:" is broken into three:
1. "Charger:" is now uninerpretated
2. "Interp:" is the original interpretation from the flow
3. "Charge-Interpretated:" is interpretated version of "Charger:" (ChargeInterp[PowSrc]), plus, icon added into API data

[Premium] Vers 3.1:

Settings added choosing between API and notification(or both)

[Premium] Vers 3:

API is now live! (Because sometimes we don't like standart data interpretation...), API is showing all the data as notification does, for now both notification and API is working together, Plus, You're now free to interpretate BattStat data as you wish, API is provided via broadcast with action: com.BattStat.API and category: API

[All]Vers 2.8:

Update delay is now ranging from realtime(0 Seconds) to hours(daily status updates, yay!), plus altered toast message for help accuracy

[Premium]Vers 2.7:

Delay now works, didn't worked because i forgot to change variable in delay block + deleted checking for number, it instead forces variable to become number and added some notification responses to events(like: on charge it'll show lightning as icon and near charge level, on low battery it'll show attention on icon, and if system suddenly starts sending empty broadcasts it'll say "Getting Data...")

[All]Vers 2.6:

Tracking options deleted because they don't work

[Premium]Vers 2.5:

Settings ere now independent from main activity, but it still requires restart to load settings

[Free]Vers 2.4:

Changed bulky dialog in autoupdate to a notification

[Free]Vers (HotFix):

Reconnected autoupdate enabling

[Free]Vers 2.3:

You can now choose what to track

[Free]Vers 2.2:

Autoupdate is now asked to be turned on, deleted go-to and label blocks to save some space(29 blocks now)

[Free]Vers 2.1:

Autoupdate is running everyday instead of check on startup

[Free]Vers 2:

Battery Voltage as well as autoupdate by: Finch Nelson (edited by Me as proposed by Arena Closer)

[Free]Vers 1.3:

Battery technology, reduced amount of blocks down to 20(25 was earlier)

[Free]Vers 1.2:

added temperature tracking in °C + converting °C(Celsius) to °F(Fahrenheit)

[Free]Vers 1.1:

added a little guide and remade update delay

[Free]Vers 1:

Initial version Changelog /</H/T/`` the.exp@bk.ruFeedback from: accfeedback?Feedback messageA? com.googleT`You are not connected to the internet to send Feedback, please connect to internet and try again@ 3@ Send feedback!