ID Bank 1.3 [MZ]

by Marko Zajc

Version 4 (April 6, 2017)

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Easiest way to store your flows's IDs! Never forget them again! Even for NON-PREMIUM!!

You have premium? Same flow with more features here:

Tired of always forgetting your flows's IDs? This non-premium flow will help you a lot! With this flow, you can save all your flows's IDs and set custom names for them! You can write/delete/read IDs from the list without premium too!

V 1.0
*No longer needs Wi-Fi when adding flows

V 1.1
* Sorry for before, but it works without premium now
- No more adding flows to "What's up online" since there were too many blocks

V 1.2
* SORRY!! I've actually made non-premium flow, but i uploaded premium test relase. NOW IT ACTUALLY IS NON PREMIUM, BELIEVE ME! SORRY AGAIN

V 1.3
* Bugfixes
- Removed toast message when added flow via payload

* Write your flows's IDs anytime you want
* Read your IDs whenever you wish to
* You can add flows to the list using payload fiber

This flow does NOT help you determine IDs! BUT i've created a great flow called "What's my ID?" that can help you determine it!

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