Proximity Utility [KT]

by Ken Tobias

Version 9 (May 3, 2019)

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Proximity Utility is flow that lets you do your custom actions. Why not?

What's new?
Version 9:
• Decided to use broadcast block instead of flow start block.

Version 8:
• Quick bug fix.

Version 7:
• Prioritize screen orientation detection.
• Changelog is now in the flow.

Just glide your finger on your proximity sensor and it will count how many times did it detect then it will proceed to your custom actions.

Example on how it works: Proximity Utility Action Examples (


• The Counter variable will be pass to the calling flow.
• Only works on portrait mode so you can't accidentally activate when on landscape.
• Nighttime detection starts at 4:45 p.m. in which it detects user's presence by the device accelerometer.
• Daytime detection starts at 6:45 a.m. which it detects user's presence by detecting ambient light.
• After the detection (daytime or nighttime), it will check again if it is currently on pocket.
• If user's present, it will send app broadcast. More on changelog - version 9 and here:
• Your custom actions must be running in order to receive the data from this flow.
• Sensors required: light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor.

Reason why I create this:

This is because I have a malfunctioning power button on my old phone so I thought that proximity sensor will be another way of opening my new phone because because prevention is better than cure. 😂

Now I use my proximity sensor to turn on my phone or lock it. I also use it to adjust my volume when SoundCloud notification is on.I hope this also helps other people.

Happy Visual Coding!

Note 1: 👋Proximmorcut is the old name of this.
Note 2: Premium users only.
Note 3: Since March 24, 2017: My plan for non-premium version ([NP]) of this was cancelled.

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