🔊 Volume Sync 2.0

by Pete Glass

Version 1 (March 4, 2017)

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Syncs media, system, and notification volumes to the ringer volume when it changes but keeps the alarm volume at 80 percent (alarm volume can be changed in the flow). Syncs these volume correctly even when the device volume is immediately changed from audible to vibrate or silent using a widget or the notification panel. When headphones are plugged in the ringer and notification volumes are muted so they will not play out the external speaker and the media volume un-mutes automatically to 50 percent so you can hear sound. When headphones are un-plugged the device re-mutes if it was in vibrate or silent mode before the headphones were plugged in. If the media volume is changed manually without the headphones plugged in while in a game or while music or a video is playing, the media volume will re-sync with the ringer, notification, and system volumes one half second after the media volume has been changed (the delay is required for it to work properly). This flow is intended to keep all volumes except the alarm and call volumes in sync to prevent you from missing a reminder or alarm and to keep your device from blasting music from a game, web browser, etc when the ringer is muted. Designed and tested on Android Lollipop (5.x).

Flow can be used with a widget if desired. Custom icons for automate widgets are available at www.iconspedia.com assuming you are using an automate flow beginnings shortcut style widget and have a custom android launcher like GoLauncher or an app like Icon Changer from the app store that allows you to change shortcut icons.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *

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