CTE - Key generator [MZ]

by Marko Zajc

Version 1 (March 7, 2017)

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Key generator for CTE! Even for NON-PREMIUM!!

CTE - Custom Text Encryption

For non prenium users:
I separated flow onto it's fibers (encrypt, decrypt, key generator) and uploaded them separately. Since none of them uses each other, they work just fine. But it's still fancier to have them all in one ;)
~Decryptor: https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/10850
~Encryptor: https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/10849

For premium (same, it's just all in one as it says)
~All in one: https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/10848

* Uncrackable encrypting system
* Encryption/decryption is done in seconds
* Can encrypt a file
* Key generator; generate up to 2048 B keys
* Allows you to set custom key (password)

(to generate a key, run and follow instructions)

> Encryption
How to encrypt?
1. Run
2. Enter your text (use "Encrypt a file" to encrypt file)
3. Choose/type your key

How does it work?
This flow will shatter key and text to their ASCII code and 'sums' them. Thats it. To clarify, if your key is bigger than text, encryption would be uncrackable. Try unlocking it without key if you don'tbelieve me.

> Decrypt
How to decrypt
1. Download and run "Decrypt"
2. Pick your encrypted file
3. Choose/type in your key

How does it work?
Same as encrypting, just that it doesn't 'sum' ASCIIs, but subtracts them.

Why did you say that it's uncrackable?
It is. If your key is bigger than text, it means that every character's position is unexpected and not-repative (if you generate key). Basically, it's random, but you still have output, so you can unlock files.

Does it take long to encrypt/decrypt?
Have you ever tried my "Ultimate Encryptor"?. If you did, you will be surprised! It completes in seconds! I tested it a lot of times on my phone; in best case it was encrypting 10 characters/second. In worst case (when it was laggy), it was encrypting 2 chars./sec. So yeah..

Should i pick password or key generator?
I definitely recommend key generation. It has many pros; it's closest to random (random is the best when encrypting), it can generate up to 2KB key in seconds, ...
You can also use generated keys in your encryptors if you wish!

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