­čÜśUltimate Driving Mode

by Ryan Lundell

Version 27 (January 5, 2018)

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Thanks for the feedback everybody! New features for this flow are on hold until the bulk move command has been added to automate. It's on the developers improvement list and will hopefully be available soon.


Your choice! Almost every feature can be enabled or disabled by you!

Settings menu for configuring app. You won't have to re-input your settings every time the flow stops. Note that if you edit the flow or clear the variables then you will need to reconfigure the settings.

Auto enable/disable Bluetooth and selected apps. Auto features are optional and activate when plugged in to a power source or when driving is detected.

Reads incoming text messages and caller names and allows for voice responses to text messages

Enables when connected to specific Bluetooth device or when auxillary is plugged in. Can be configured for multiple Bluetooth devices (for multiple vehicles).

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