AutoColony [KT]

by Ken Tobias

Version 4 (May 4, 2017)

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A useful tool for the app My Colony. Try this now!
I bet that some android players are struggling when managing/designing their colonies so here are my solutions:
• Ability to remove pavement in just 1 tap!
• Ability to sell some structures in just 1 Tap!
• Ability to deactivate all/activate all certain structures in just 1 TAp! (Sometimes, you may want to decrease the consumption. E.g. When you almost run out of steel but still want have continous aluminum​ supply so you deactivate some of them).
• Ability to upgrade specific structures in just 1 TAP! (That moment when you want to upgrade some structures because when you press "upgrade all", all resources will be depleted)
Yeah! 1 TAP fix! And a lot more of this
• Plus you can tax automatically. Just open the "Policy" on your consulate and don't disturb the process until you get onto "Stimulus Package"

Note: If one of the actions here suddenly not working, pull down status bar then close. That should work.

Automate need to have it accessibility service to be activated.

You can donate me some satoshi: 3C5Typxjifb9Vbh45ZRNQntf9WdZEbdyp1

Version 4 (May 4, 2017)
• Fix the auto-taxation failure on My Colony v0.34
• Remove the action "…and close this colony"
• Lessen block usage

Version 3 (May 1, 2017)
• Added an option to pause so no actions will be execute. It will just become a notification
• Added auto-taxation
• Added deactivate all action
• Added activate all action

Version 2 (Apr. 26, 2017)
• Added a notification that enables you to switch actions.
• Added upgrade action
• Added deactivate action
• Stop the flow through its notification…
• … and can close your colony too.

Version 1 (Apr. 24,2017)
• Initial Release

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