Attenion off [MZ-ROOT-BETA]

by Marko Zajc

Version 1 (May 3, 2017)

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Can't sleep because your phone's notification LED is too bright? Check this out!

(Flow does not require Automate Premium (for now))


This might not work for all the devices. It works on mine, but only when charging (my phone somehow won't allow Automate to work with LED when not charging). It works by setting LED light to really low level (0x000001). So if your light is illuminating/blinking really dark, this flow unfortunately doesn't work for you. Well if you are fine with dark illuminating/blinking light, you can still use it, it will do no harm.

But if it doesn't work for you, PLEASE don't rate flow 1 star, but just kindly tell me your device manufacturer and model and (optimally) ways how you think it'll work (you can also send me an E-Mail to! Thank you!

~~How to use~~
Run the flow. You will see notification appear. If necessary, expand it to see notification buttons. From there, you can turn LED off (override other applications using it) or on (stop overriding)

¡ NOTE !
This flow requires SuperUser (Root) permissions given to Automate, so it can manage your phone's LED

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