Notification LED off at night (root)

by Ɓukasz Stasierowski

Version 4 (May 25, 2017)

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Turns off notification LED at night. Prevents that annoying blinking lights when notification is posted in Your dark room when You sleep!

This flow uses interact blocks to toggle the notification LED switch in Android sound and notifications settings, as I haven't found any other solution to toggle that switch. It works in a following way:
1. Waits for specific time to launch new flow and if the screen is off,
2. Launches Android's sound and notification settings,
3. Scrolls down,
4. Clicks the notification LED on/off switch,
5. Kills the notification settings app,
6. Relocks the phone.

As it just clicks the notification LED switch and the flow itself does not know whether that LED switch was already on or off, You should have Your Led turned on in settings at all time, then it should turn it off in the evening and turn it back on in the morning (adjust time in appropriate blocks to Your needs).

It works on my Xperia Z1 Compact, it might need some tweaks in interaction blocks for different phones.