Useless flow, please stop commenting

by Katie Heart (Ctrl-Alt-Cuteness)

Version 1 (August 2, 2018)

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EDIT 2017/12/07: I now consider this as a failed experiment as I have found it is rather pointless on how it is used.


Use caution when overwriting atomic values... if unlucky, another fiber may be trying to edit it and one will be the victor.

Contains three fibers that are to be used together (one of the three shows the active list right when it was executed while the other two do the same thing).

Also contains one more fiber showing off how to use a single Atomic variable (as a "lock") to specify if it is safe for that fiber to manipulate any (or all) of the Atomics that you are using that "lock" for.

Reminder: It is helpful to developers to give feedback if you like it, what you don't understand, if you know a way to improve it (say with "I think" / "I feel" / "I believe" / etc. statements), and never demand or pester for updates (once in a while is good enough if they are still able to, any more frequent is annoying).
Remember: I cannot fix anything broken if I don't know it is broken, or how to recreate the problem.

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