App Locker V2 1.0 [MZ]

by Marko Zajc

Version 1 (November 10, 2017)

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New technology, even more security! Try out this new App locker!

Instead of blocking app with input window, the App locker V2 closes app without any prompts and lets you use it ONLY when you stop the service.

* App locker's look and feel, but with increased security
* One click unlock/lock
* Easy to set up
* If intruder enters incorrect password, he has to wait 10 seconds before he can enter it again.
* Uses atomic variables, so there's no way for intruder to get the password, while still letting you keep the settings

How to set up and use:
To set App locker up, run "Settings" fiber. From there, you can set password and add locked apps. When you're done, run "Run" fiber and wait for notification to appear.

To unlock apps (stop the locker service) , just click on App locker's notification and enter the password.

To re-lock the apps (start the locker service) just click on the App locker's notification. For re-locking apps, you don't need to enter the password.

*Fixed the bug that caused Automate to not be locked properly

¡ NOTE !
The V2 of App locker DOES require premium!

¡ TIP !
To increase security lock Automate (yes, I fixed the bug). That way, the intruder cannot stop the App Locker flow.

¡ TIP !
To increase security, lock settings any app that can delete/force close Automate (Google Play store, Settings, etc.)

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